Wikipedia Updates Lists of Philippine Fake News Site


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Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation updates lists of satirical news sites or known as “Fake News” websites in the Philippines. According to Wikipedia, these sites intentionally publish hoaxes and disinformation for purposes other than news satire. Some of these sites use a URL that ends in .co or otherwise resembles genuine news outlets. Fake news sites have also become rampant for Philippine audiences, especially being shared on social media.It has become so bad that that lawmakers have started filing laws to combat fake news.

Here are the LISTS of FAKE NEWS site listed at WIKIPEDIA:

Earlier, the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Phiippines (CBCP) releases partial list of websites that purvey “fake or unverified content.”

The following sites according to CBCP are “carrying fake or unverified content”:

  • Pinoy Trending –
  • Pinoy Trending News –
  • Public Trending –
  • FilipiNews PH –
  • Trending News Portal –
  • Classified trends –
  • Definitely Filipino –
  • Duterte News Info –
  • Extreme Readers –
  • Get Real Philippines –
  • Guard1an –
  • Kalye Pinoy –
  • Leak News PH –
  • Media ni Duterte –
  • Minda Nation –
  • Netizens PH –
  • News Media PH –
  • News Titans –
  • OKD2 –
  • Pinoy Freedom Wall –
  • Pinoy Viral Issues –
  • Pinoy Viral News –
  • PinoyWorld –
  • SocialNewsPH –
  • TahoNews –
  • TheVolatilian –
  • Thinking Pinoy –
  • TrendingBalita –
  • TrendTitan –

Some of the website owners including  Pinoy Trending refuted the list, saying: “You can notice that most of the websites included by the CBCP are writing good things about the government which they are criticizing because of the policies of the Duterte administration against criminals.” Also, GetRealPhilippines and Thinking Pinoy is a blog site that is a strong supporter of the Duterte Administration where a lot of followers of this site reacted to the lists.

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