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Actor Alden Richards manages his personal life effectively using a versatile watch


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As a watch enthusiast and someone who values time, actor Alden Richards sticks to a tight schedule. He has a mental list of plans that he needs to accomplish. He has tapings in Eat Bulaga daily. If he has free time in the morning, he exercises. After taping, if he’s lucky, he spends time with friends in Tagaytay. For better time management, he relies on a watch to keep him on track. “The feeling is still different if you have a watch on your wrist compared to your phone,” he says. “You still need to open [the phone to view the time]. But with a watch, you just need to flip your wrist.”

Luxury watch brand TechnoMarine has chosen Alden Richards to be its newest ambassador. Besides being a “watch person,” TechnoMarine saw his potential. JP Paglinawan, TechnoMarine’s marketing manager, describes Alden’s endorsement with them as an “organic partnership.” “Alden loved our brand even before he was an endorser. There was mutual benefit.”

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But, for Alden, being an endorser is more than that. “The image of the brand is to help. Being part of TechnoMarine is not just [being] the face [of] the watch people buy. We’re able to share to those who are in need,” says Alden, who lives an active lifestyle.

What’s refreshing is how Alden isn’t blinded by the glamor, fame, and the superficiality of the industry. He redefines TechnoMarine’s slogan “Living Deeper” by putting meaning into his life. Through acting, he wants people to be happy and be inspired. “It’s how you project yourself to other people, to be a good example,” he says.

Alden’s rise to the top of the showbiz pack has subjected him to public scrutiny. With a whopping 2.1 million followers on Instagram, everyone knows what he wears. When he was spotted wearing his Cruise watch, people flocked to stores to purchase it for themselves.

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His most favorite thing is the watch’s design. He likes that the straps are interchangeable, which fit his personal style. All of the designs suit his taste. “You can wear it formal or casual. You get a new watch when you change the strap.” The Cruise watch he wore during the press conference, Alden says, is pogi. The watch, being pogi, gives him confidence boost. Without it, he can’t do his tasks for the day.

For first timers who are interested in buying a TechnoMarine watch, Alden recommends to have a lifestyle check first. Examine what kind of activities you engage in. “If you’re sporty, you should get sporty watches. But if you’re a professional, the Cruise would suit them.” To find the perfect watch, it must be in line with your personality.

What sets apart TechnoMarine from other brands? According to Paglinawan, TechnoMarine pioneered diamonds and matching it with silicone. They were the first ones to do it 20 years ago.

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Paglinawan recommends the watch for those who are always on the go. “You can wear it from day to night. It’s for mountain climbing or being in the beach.” If you want a watch that can be worn for multiple occasions, but still feels brand new every time you wear it, then you should invest in it.

If you have an old TechnoMarine watch—working or non-working, with or without strap, but with complete case bezel, and mechanism—you can trade it at official TechnoMarine stores from July 1 to 31, 2016. After authentication, the customer is eligible for a 40% discount on any TechnoMarine watch.

TechnoMarine is available at Greenbelt, Glorietta, Shangri-La Plaza, Robinson’s Galleria, Megamall, TriNoma, Robinson’s Magnolia, SM North EDSA, Gateway Mall, Aura Premier, Resorts World, Festival Mall, Mall of Asia, Robinson’s Ermita, Lucky Chinatown Mall, and SM Cebu.


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