The list of police officers Kerwin claimed to have paid off


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MANILA, Philippines — In the judicial affidavit he executed, and which he read before the Senate, alleged Visayan drug lord Kerwin Espinosa said he had paid protection money to several police officers in Eastern Visayas, including those in the regional leadership.

Here is the list of officers Espinosa claimed to have bribed:

  1. Gen. Vicente Loot – P120,000 monthly
  2. Inspector Rio Tan, Ormoc City police – P15,000 weekly
  3. Jose Estopin, member of the intelligence unit of Ormoc City police – P15,000 weekly
  4. A certain Villamor – P5,000 weekly
  5. A certain Parak – P5,000 weekly
  6. Major Abordo – beginning P12,000 until he received P80,000 weekly as Regional Special Operations Group (RSOG) officer
  7. Supt. Santi Noel Matira – P15,000 to P25,000 weekly
  8. A certain Senior Inspector Chua – P15,000 weekly
  9. A certain Senior Inspector Jabinez – P15,000 weekly as chief of Albuera Police Station
  10. A certain Senior Inspector Camacho – no amount mentioned
  11. SPO3 Bituin – P8,000 weekly as check point team leader
  12. A certain Magamay – P10,000 weekly ass chief of check point
  13. A certain  Sir Arafol – P5,000 weekly as member of checkpoint team
  14. Capt. Angay-Angay – P15,000 weekly as chief of CIDG Ormoc City
  15. A certain Ludo – P15,000 weekly as chief of Ormoc City Station 3
  16. A certain Torrifiel – P10,000 weekly as member of CIDG
  17. A certain Macanas – P25,000 weekly as Ormoc City Police Director
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Aside from these names, during his oral testimony, Espinosa also in 2015 said he had given money to a “General Dolina,” who he said was the regional police director. News reports around this time name Chief Superintendent Asher Dolina as the regional police chief. He said the go-between with Dolina was Victor Espina, brother-in-law of former acting Philippine National Police chief Leonardo Espina.

Espina, he said, asked him for P500,000 monthly but Espinosa said he managed to haggle this down to P300,000.

Kerwin said the policemen insisted on being paid only in cash, which was given to people they sent, to avoid leaving a paper trail.

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He added that a certain Victor Espina is the bagman of Regional Director Dolina, who asked him P500,000 monthly but reduced to P300,000 a month.

However, he said he ended up depositing a total of P6 million in three tranches through checks he gave Espina and which the latter would deposit in a bank account in February 2015. He said the first deposit of P3 million was an “advance” on the monthly kickbacks, the second deposit of P1.75 million was to purchase guns, and P1.23 million was supposedly Espina’s “agent’s fee.”

Kerwin also claimed two officers of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in Region 8, the unit responsible for the operation in which his father Albuera Mayor Rolando Espina Sr. was killed in his jail cell at the Baybay City sub-provincial jail — Superintendent Marvin Marcos, the regional chief, and Chief Inspector Leo Laraga, who confirmed having shot the mayor dead — also received money from him.

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Marcos, he said, received a total of P3 million, supposedly for his wife’s election expenses, and Laraga P20,000 from the P120,000 he handed over monthly for Loot.

Marcos denied Kerwin’s allegation.

Kerwin also said he issued checks to the following persons and business entities he claimed laundered money for him:

  • a hog and poultry supply store
  • Amano Putawan, based in Marawi City, Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City
  • Eugene Chua, owner of a Banco de Oro account
  • Blue Oceanic Textile Marketing
  • Ronnie Chua of Cavite
  • Yiyan Su of Pasay City
  • Rogelyn Trading of Cavite

He also named a certain Jiraham Banutas, alias Jirahan Bantuwas, who he said received checks from him as payment for drugs.


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