‘State of national emergency’ not a prelude to Martial Law says Palace exec


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MANILA, Sept. 6 (PNA) — Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea on Tuesday assured the public that Proclamation No. 55 declaring a “State of National Emergency on Account of Lawless Violence” is not a prelude to martial law but a measure to quell the violence perpetrated by lawless elements in Mindanao and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the country.

In a radio interview aired over DZMM, the Palace official further clarified that there is no suspension of the writ of habeas corpus nor will there be an imposition of curfew throughout the country while Proclamation 55 is in effect.

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He said that warrantless arrests are also not embodied in the proclamation.

“What we will actually see is a heightened visibility of soldiers who are commanded to give assistance to our police force in some areas, particularly checkpoints,” he said.

“We would not see soldiers conducting patrols and we would not see tanks in the streets. President Rodrigo Duterte does not like those things. He just wanted to address these problems (lawless violence) in a civilized way,” Medialdea said.

To further reassure the people, the Executive Secretary said Malacañang would issue the guidelines regarding the implementation of the proclamation within the day

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“The guidelines defines how the soldiers would conduct themselves in the performance of their duties based on the issuance of the proclamation. It defines the limits of what they can and cannot do,” Medialdea said. (PNA)

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