SPO3 Lascañas sinupalpal si Trillanes sa credibility test: “Kung relo lang ang basehan ng credibility, may problema yata”


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SPO3 Arturo Lascañas, a retiring police official and a second witness in the Senate hearing.

He was tagged by Edgar Matobato as the alleged leader of the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS).
Lascañas denied all allegations and said Davao Death Squad (DDS) does not exist.
During the resumption of the Senate hearing on alleged extrajudicial killings, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV tested the credibility of SPO3 Arturo Lascañas and asked him about the watch he gave to Matobato.
Lascañas replied to Trillanes, “Kung relo lang ang basehan ng credibility, may problema yata.” Due to his response, it brought a laugh inside the Senate hall.
Trillanes again quizzed Lascañas to verify if he was certain to his answer.
So, Lascañas clearly said he was sure of his statements and denied what Matobato claimed.
According to Lascañas, what he gave to Matobato was his old watch, not the second-hand new watch he bought.
SPO3 Lascañas also denied that they tortured Matobato way back 2014.

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When asked about the possible reason why Matobato is dragging his name on this issue. He said on his perception that probably somebody is behind Matobato to pin President Duterte.

Watch the video below:

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