Police probe explosion in front of Zamboanga police station


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ZAMBONGA CITY, Sept. 9 (PNA) –- The police are conducting a thorough probe to unmask the suspect behind the grenade attack at a police headquarters in this city.

The incident occurred around 4:30 a.m. Friday at Police Station 3 located in Barangay Sangali, 25.34 kilometers east of City Hall.

No one was either killed or injured as the grenade fell and exploded near the steel gate of the Police Station 3’s compound.

Chief Insp. Garry Bahoy, Police Station 3 chief, disclosed they are reviewing the video since the suspect was captured by the closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera of his office.

Bahoy said the suspect stood behind a parked vehicle 30 meters away from the Police Station 3 compound and tossed the grenade.

Bahoy said the suspect’s face was concealed since he was wearing a black hooded jacket at the time of the incident.

Senior Insp. Chester Natividad, Bahoy’s deputy, said he strongly believed the grenade attack was related to their intensive anti-drug campaign.

Sangali is known to be among the barangays with a high number of drug personalities in this city. (PNA)

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