Pacquiao, just won 5-rnds ; Horn, got 7-rnds based on rescoring – WBO


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The World Boxing Organization (WBO) today declared that the three judges had made the right decision that Jeff Horn had beaten Manny Pacquiao to a controversial battle against Brisbane, Australia on July 2.

The WBO made the statement, after the results of their review on the judges score, following the protest of the fighting senators, the Games and Amusements Board (GAB) and the fans’ fans and some boxing analysts.

The WBO bases are used in reviewing the rescoring results from five competent judges who have come from different countries.

The  sound has been removed during the reverse scoring from the video tape.

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The tabulation states that three judges must have the same scoring from five.

After analyzing the findings, the WBO said Pacquiao won only five rounds while Horn took seven rounds.

Pacman won the 3rd round, 8th round and 9th round of 100 percent.

In the 5th round it was 80 percent that it went to Manny and the 11th round was 60 percent seen by the judges.

Horn also won the 1st round, 6th and 12th rounds all in 100 percent.

While the 2nd, 4th and 7th rounds are of the Australian star with 80 percent.

The 10th round is 60 percent seen won by the undefeated 29-year-old boxer.

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Meanwhile, WBO added that after the analysis, the results of the scoring of the Independent Judges and bout judges combined to see the “percentage agreement” in every round.

“The analytical method utilized was also used in the decision of Algiere-Provodnikov and Pacquiao-Bradley. Based on this analysis, Jeff Horn was the winner of the bout, “part of the WBO statement.

Earlier, the WBO said no matter what the result of the investigation, Horn could not change as the new WBO welterweight champion.

Right now, the next will be the decision of the fighting senator to follow his rematch clause option in the prior signed contract.

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