Iraqi army recovered Mosul from ISIS jihadist


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The Iraqui Army successfully recaptured Mosul from ISIS jihadists over six months of battling the terrorist group.

The recovery of government forces in Mosul is considered the biggest defeat on ISIS for three years after they have seized it.

The Iraqui forces launched their campaign to regain Mosul in October last year.

The US has also contributed significantly to providing aerial support to the Iraqi forces.

While the so-called diehard jihadists continue to provide resistance to the Iraqi forces.

“An announcement is imminent,” said Brig Gen Robert Sofge. “I do not want to speculate.”

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It further added that ISIS jihadists who remain in Mosul continue to fight until their death.

While others are conversing with civilians who evacuate.

Based on Sofge’s description that the jihadists are “desperate”.

“They are doing as much damage as they can during these final moves,” Sofge said.

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