Duterte: I have the duty to protect the country keep the integrity of our nation intact


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With the environment of lawless violence happening, President Rodrigo Duterte demonstrates a focused leadership and strong stand against criminality and assured that the government is here to protect the public.

The President gave the assurance immediately following the latest bombing in Davao, which killed 14 and injuring dozens of innocent people.

President Duterte said “I have the duty to protect the country and to keep the integrity of the nation intact.”

“It is not Martial Law, its nothing to do with the suspension of the habeas corpus,” the President said adding that the fight on illegal drugs and criminality covers his declaration of state of lawless violence nationwide.

In the aftermath of the latest bombing incident, Duterte told his fellow Davaoeños to remain calm and stay vigilant.

“Just keep calm. The government is here with you much as humanly possible to protect everybody.” The President said even as he rallied the citizenry to do their part by being vigilant in this extra-ordinary times whose city have suffered and one of the most battered cities on terrorism.

“There is a crisis in this country” he said, adding there is “nothing to hide, I suggest the public has to be liberal and understand” as he ordered the military and police to conduct searches which aim to prevent perpetrators of blood incidents from pursuing their criminal and terroristic act.

The President said until the threat against the people is neutralized, the declaration of state of lawless violence nationwide remains in effect. (PNA)

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