Baby Dies After Hospital Refused Admission to ICU Without Deposit in Pagadian City


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An 11-month old baby died after failing to get proper medical attention in Pagadian City. This after the Pagadian City Mendero Medical Center allegedly refused admission to its ICU without a deposit of P10,000. And after the baby died, the hospital refused to release the baby’s body with paying the bill in full.

Chelsea Jane Iyas died on Monday after her mother could not come up with the required deposit for the ICU. Now, Rebecca Iyas, Chelsea’s mother, is asking for justice.

It is illegal to refuse treatment to patients in emergency situations in the Philippines. Earlier this year, President Rodrigo Duterte signed a law that that can take away the license of any hospital or medical facility if it refuses treatment to patients without a deposit.

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The case of Chelsea Jane Iyas began around noon of Monday, August 28. According to Rebecca, she rushed her baby daughter to the Pagadian City Mendero Medical Center due to high fever. The attending physician recommended that Chelsea be admitted to the ICU so that her condition could be monitored properly. However, Baby Chelsea was refused admission without a deposit of P10,000.

When Rebecca was finally able to raise the P10,000 deposit, Chelsea was still refused admission with payment of another P10,000 deposit for use of the ICU equipment.

This is common practice among many private hospitals. The use of ICU equipment is paid separately, and upfront, from the hospital bill. Therefore, two deposits are required – one for the ICU and another for the ICU equipment.

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But Rebecca Iyas could not raise another P10,000 for the ICU equipment. Chelsea died on Monday night.

Rebecca and Chelsea’s ordeal did not end there. After the baby’s death, the Pagadian City Mendero Medical Center allegedly refused to release her baby without full payment of her hospital bills amounting to more than P10,000.

Department of Health secretary Paulyn Ubial vowed to investigate Chelsea’s case.

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