42 ‘Parojinog-issued’ firearms surrendered to PNP


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A total of 42 long and short firearms were surrendered to the Philippine National Police by 10 individuals, mostly Ozamiz City barangay chairmen, who reportedly received firearms issued by the Parojinog family.

In a news release Friday, PCSupt. Timoteo Gascon Pacleb, regional director of Police Regional Office-10 (PRO-10), said these firearms were considered “loose” and must be turned over immediately to proper authorities.

The campaign against loose firearms in Ozamiz City came after the conduct of simultaneous raids last July 30 on the properties of the Parojinogs that killed Ozamiz City mayor Reynaldo “Aldong” Parojinog Sr. and 14 others, including his wife and brother.

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Those who surrendered their firearms were Pulot barangay chairman Rolando Velsayo (1 short firearm), Malaubang barangay chairman Saulo Salvador (4 short firearms), Banadero barangay chairman Shiela Marie Agonoy (10 short firearms), Gango barangay chairman Juanito Saguin Jr. (1 short, 4 long), Dalapang barangay chairman Peter Dumon (1 short, 3 long), Kinuman Norte barangay chairman Delfin Ignacio (5 short, 3 long), Embargo barangay chairman Albina Potutan (1 short, 1 long), Balintawak barangay chairman Danilo Tubil (2 short, 2 long), City Councilor Robert Cantago (3 long) and a certain Pio Cano of barangay Guimad (1 long).

Police Chief Inspector Joven Espenido, who led the composite team that raided the Parojinogs through six search warrants, has called on Ozamiz residents to surrender their loose firearms.

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The Sunday raid included the house of Ozamiz City Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog, the mayor’s daughter, who was arrested along with his brother Reynaldo Jr.

The late Ozamiz mayor was tagged by President Rodrigo Duterte to be in narco-politics, but this was denied by the slain mayor and his jailed daughter.

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