12-year-old bully victim killed 13-year-old student in Josefina, Zambo Sur


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A 12-year-old student allegedly kill his 13-year-old student in Josefina town in Zamboanga del Sur.

According to the Police Regional Office (PRO) -9 report, the crime was made due to the suspect’s anger because of the victim’s bullying against him.

The suspected child’s identity was kept but he is a grade 7 student while the victim is  a Grade 8 student at  Dawa National High School.

It was learned that at around 8:00 am the body of the victim  was recovered by his uncle from Purok 2 of Barangay Dawa with severe bruises on the head and face.

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According to police, they called the child suspect with his parents because someone had seen him together with the victim.

At the police station and in front of Josefina Municipal Social Welfare and Development (MSWD) Officer Rosie Mundan, the boy admitted that he killed the victim.

According to the suspected child, before 3:00 pm on Friday they were together with the  victim while hiding in a coconut drier on their way home from school because of heavy the  rainfall.

Because he has some grudges on the victim, he said he found an opportunity to avenge where he had hit the victim once in the forehead and twice in the face with the piece of wood that caused his death.


When he saw that his schoolmate was dead, he pulled it to the back of the tree, approximately 30 meters from the scene of the crime to keep his dead  body.

The young suspect also revealed that he had committed the crime because of his intense anger because he always allegedly bullying him every time they met.

The young suspect is under the MSWD custody and was undergoing medical examinations because he was a minor and will be kept directly at the  center of the Children In Conflict With the Law.

The police also investigated the parents of the child who have killed to determine whether they have negligence in looking after their child and possibly responsible for their child’s crimes.

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