1 dead, 2 hurt in highway accident in Zambo Norte


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ONE person died, while two others were wounded, after the motorcycle they were riding plunged into a concrete ditch in Zamboanga del Norte on Wednesday, August 2.

The Zamboanga del Norte police said the accident happened at Sitio Control, Barangay Kauswagan, Baliguian town. The police identified the fatality as Lando Fuentevilla, 48.

Fuentevilla didn’t make it upon reaching the hospital. Wounded were Ana Mendoza, 31, and Felecito Mendoza, 38, both from Barangay Latabon, Siocon.

Investigation said that the motorcycle plunged into the concrete ditch when Fuentevilla lost control of the steering bar while traveling from Siocon to Baliguian with the Mendozas as his back riders.

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The Mendozas were admitted at the Siocon District Hospital for treatment.

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